software development

Learning to build your own custom app

In this internet era, most of the businesses that are thriving have a very powerful software to either promote their products or to give services. And this is the something that company, who know that changing and evolving to the demands of the public is one of the most important factors in a successful business […]

What Is Santacoin and How Does It Help You?

Have you heard of santacoin? No, there is no connection between this coin and Santa Clause from the North Pole. If you know anything about bitcoin, you will understand that there is very little difference between the two. What Is Santacoin? Like Bitcoin, Santacoin is a cryptocurrency. You can use it to store and also […]

Different IT Infrastructure Solutions for Businesses to Reduce Costs

Mltek provides a range of IT infrastructure, software solutions for archiving, process control, and monitoring to help businesses manage their IT requirements. Present globally in many countries of the world, services offered have many advantages. It reduces cost and provide more control for IT processes It offers the business more flexibility and scalability 24/7 customer […]

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